The Interpersonal Skills’ Debate Championship (ISDC), an inter class debating competition, spanning across two days concluded amidst much jubilation and fanfare at the multipurpose hall of the Academy, yesterday.

Three man team from each class (A and B respectively) participated in the final round of the championship. The competition was organized by Mrs Ogochukwu Okeke, who is the lecturer in charge of the Interpersonal Skills/Guidance and counselling department. This was as a result of the argument among trainees during a classroom lecture. Trainees, who argued on the topic “Between businessmen and Civil Servants, who are the best Project/Team Managers”, were eager to know more, and this brought about the debate competition on the said topic.

This did not only enhanced the critical thinking and oratory skills of the participants, but also made them think about topics of importance relevant to the present time. The debate were based on themes such as Customers, Business management, education, etc.

Participants argued voraciously and put forward their arguments with vehemence.

Class A team won the runners up trophy, while Ogbegbor Paul Osasere from Class A, was declared the best speaker of the competition.

Addressing the trainees, the Admin Manager of the Academy, Mr Chris Ukaoha, on behalf of the CEO, appreciated the efforts of the trainees, as well as, the lecturer in charge, for organising such a wonderful event. He also highlighted the importance of debate competition in every Academy.

The coordinators of JAMUB Project team, ably represented by Mr Nsikan Ekaete and Mr Sunny Kelek, were inspired by the performance and character displayed by the trainees, urging them to be more serious in their learnings, as this will make them better citizens of this great country.

Applauding the efforts put in by participating teams, Mr Oliver Ikwueto said, “Mrs Ogochukwu keeps organizing such events on a yearly basis as they enhance linguistic, logical and analytical reasoning skills among trainees. Such events provide an appropriate platform to prepare responsible and promising future citizens”.

The chief judge of the competition, Mr Christian Chiufor on behalf of the Academy, congratulated the winner as he directed the JAMUB Project Team coordinator Mr Nsikan to hand over the trophy to the winner.


As a National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) certified Institution, Innoson Kiara Academy is recognized as upholding the highest quality training for an Automotive Technician program. The Program provide the hands-on training and education needed for a successful career in an automotive repair facility or retail service centre.

The trainees receive training in the latest automotive technology and use state of-the-art computerized diagnosis tools to provide the best automotive solutions. No matter what service is needed, our trainees will provide accurate and lasting solution to them.

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The Chairman of Niger Delta Development Commission, Distinguished Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba has stated that the Commission would partner with Innoson Kiara Academy in training Niger Delta Youths. The Chairman stated this on Friday, Feb 23rd 2018 when he paid a courtesy call to Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma OFR at his Nnewi office.

During the inspection visit at the Nnewi center of Innoson Kiara Academy, the training arm of Innoson Group which currently has students from the Presidential Amnesty Office, Ndoma-Egba stated that the commission would partner with the academy to train thousands of Niger Delta Youths and would start immediately with about 100 youths. He emphasized that the training of Niger Delta Youths has become a necessity because, NDDC wants to groom another kind of militants in the region; militants of knowledge, militants of creativities, militants who will be job creators, militants who will develop and build their region.

Also during the factory tour of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd, the NDDC Chairman was amazed that the Innoson factory was not just assembling vehicles but was actually manufacturing made-in-Nigeria vehicles. He therefore promised Dr Chukwuma that NDDC would lead other government agencies and parastatals in patronizing Innoson Vehicles. He stated that since the Federal Government has made a law mandating government agencies and departments to patronize local contents, NDDC will champion it.

In his remarks, Innocent Chukwuma thanked the chairman of NDDC for his visit and assured him that the academy has the capacity both in terms of space and human resource to deliver quality training to the Niger Delta Youths that will make them outstanding. Chukwuma also stated that presently the academy has graduated about 400 ex-agitators who many of them are performing greatly in different parts of the country. He further thanked the NDDC Chairman on his promise to patronize Innoson Vehicles, stating that if other departments and agencies does so, that Innoson Vehicle will become one of the greatest vehicle manufacturing company in the world.


Employability is not just about getting a job. Conversely, just because a student is on a vocational course does not mean that somehow employability is automatic. Employability is more than about developing attributes, techniques or experience just to enable a student to get a job, or to progress within a current career. It is about learning and the emphasis is less on ‘employ’ and more on ‘ability’. In essence, the emphasis is on developing critical, reflective abilities, with a view to empowering and enhancing the learner, and this is the main objective of this Academy.

It is no longer news that the Niger Delta Ex – agitators under the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), who undergoes trainings in “Automobile Manufacturing and Maintenance” in Innoson Kiara Academy Nnewi, are always loaded with all the skills required to be gainfully employed in Automobile Industries.

Innoson Kiara Academy is one of the best indigenous Technical and Vocation Education Training Institution in Nigeria. This is because of the high quality skilled training provided to trainees who passed through the Institution, thereby making them employable by organisations both within and outside the country.

One of our success stories is the story of one of the immediate past trainees in Mechanic department, named Mr Ita Kingsley, who is currently working with “MANTRACK CATERPILLARS SPECIALIST”, who deals with heavy duty machines. On a telephone conversation with Mr Kingsley, he expressed his joy for gaining such a great experience in the Academy. “I am very proud of Innoson Kiara Academy Nnewi for putting up such a wonderful training centre, I carry out my duties comfortably because, I‘ve got an in-depth knowledge in this field” from your Academy, he said.

The photograph shows Mr Kingsley performing his roles in Mantrack Caterpillars Specialist.


Innoson Kiara Academy Nnewi has commenced training of another 200 Niger Delta youths under The Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), in automobile manufacturing and maintenance to meet the needs of the country’s labour market.

The exercise was flagged off at the factory auditorium Nnewi, Anambra State on Friday with an induction programme for the participants drawn from different states in the Niger Delta region.

The Chief Executive Officer of Innoson Kiara Academy, Mr Endi Ezengwa, while addressing the participants said the Academy was a citadel for youth empowerment with technical and vocational skills’ acquisition.

“We facilitate training that enables trainees to understand the need for total rehabilitation in education for employment in automobile industry, he said.

According to him, the trainees are expected to undergo training in auto-mechanicals, auto-electrical/electronics, auto-welding and fabrication and auto-painting and spraying.

“At the end of the exercise, they will develop their capabilities and independence towards becoming full participants in creating successful future.

“Through our shared efforts, we will nurture and empower the trainees and staff of the academy to actively apply their talents and knowledge in the world of today and tomorrow,’’ Ezengwa added.

The Head of Logistics, Jamub Global Services Ltd., Abuja, Mr Sunny Wachir kelek, said 600 youths were being trained in partnership with Innoson Kiara Academy.

He noted that the amnesty programme had impacted positively on many lives in the course of the training as they looked forward to better days, calling for more empowerment opportunity for youths.

Some beneficiaries, Sunny Akpignovwu from Delta State, Gloria Horsefall (Rivers), Sunray Emmanuel Oluwadaesi (Ondo), Opuofoni Clarkson (Bayelsa), urged others to be patient, while appealing to the Federal Government to make the scheme a “continuous life-changing programme for all Niger Delta Youths’’.

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